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10 Ways Courts Can Promote Social Distancing While Driving Efficiency

Uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing as it may be, we are experiencing a time that’s making all businesses evaluate their processes and how they do things. Will social distancing continue in the long-term or be reinstated at a future date? There’s a lot of unknown. What we know for sure is that safety measures are paramount and there are several existing products, software and technology that not only aid in keeping court customers and employees safe, but also amp up efficiencies that can help now and in the future. Here are our top 10 ways courts can promote social distancing while driving efficiency moving forward.

1. Custom Sneeze Guards

The new normal: Protect your staff from potential exposure to COVID-19 by installing a custom sneezeguard like this one between customers and staffers. Both sides will appreciate it.



2. Contactless Credit Card Machines

A major yet easy upgrade: Update your credit card machines to accept credit cards via contactless pay. These include tap-to-pay options such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet as well as RFID chip. Customer-facing equipment allows your staff to safely avoid handling credit cards. Additionally, new regulations don’t require customers to sign receipts! Check out our latest contactless point-of-sale solution, FivePoint Accept, here.


3. Electronic Warrants

The Focal Point Warrant Application gives judges the ability to sign a warrant from the comfort of their home offices. Reduce the time and costs that are required while producing, approving and exchanging charges and reports for warrants, while eliminating the need for in-person interactions between law enforcement and court staff with electronic warrants.


4. Online Dispute Resolution

Providing online dispute resolution software such as Modria’s allows courts to reduce case backlogs without having to review every case in person. Defendants can negotiate, mediate, arbitrate and resolve cases remotely.


5. Kiosks

Use FivePoint Payments kiosks to provide unattended solutions for your court customers and staff 24/7. Kiosks allow staff and customers to avoid unnecessary interactions, while amping up efficiency by being able to take payments, create a virtual assistant for check-ins or provide pertinent case information. 

6. E-Citations

Convert your paper citations into electronic tickets with eCitations software like this one. Officers can quickly upload offender information, eliminating an unnecessary paper trail and the exchange of documents.


7. IVR

Create a simple “phone tree” to help direct callers to the right place, make payments or provide up-to-date court information. An IVR system can help cut down on phone calls by quickly answering the most commonly asked questions.


8. PayNearMe

This unique platform facilitates secure, convenient cash payments 24/7 at over 27,000 participating retail locations. The customer gives the retailer cash in exchange for a barcode through the app, which they can then use to make their court payments.


9. Floor Signage

Custom floor signage like this is a helpful reminder for visitors to keep the appropriate 6 feet of distance between others. Designed with your court in mind, these highly durable floor stickers will make sure customers know where to stand while they wait.


10. Digital Driver’s Licenses

As we continue to move towards a more digital society, some states such as Louisiana are implementing digital IDs to accompany physical IDs. Digital driver’s licenses can help with reducing the physical contact often required with handling traditional IDs. 



From kiosks to sneeze guards, there are lots of great ways courts can promote social distancing and keep both customers and employees safe. Contact FivePoint for more information.

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