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FivePoint Check-In: Mobile Check-In Tool for Government Agencies

FivePoint Payments specializes in payment solutions for government agencies, but we always have our finger on the pulse of what our customers need, payments or otherwise. Recognizing a timely need for a mobile check-in tool that helps agencies manage visitors arriving at their buildings, we have launched FivePoint Check-In. FivePoint Check-In is an easy-to-use, web-based application that puts government agency administrators in control of when visitors are allowed to enter their buildings. This one-of-a-kind tool supports essential social distancing safety measures for the wellbeing of employees and visitors alike.

How FivePoint Check-In Works

On their smartphones, visitors alert the government agencies of their arrivals via a unique, mobile-friendly website by completing a short form and snapping a selfie. Employees immediately get notified via the queue management dashboard, where they can simply—with one mouse click—send texts to visitors that they may enter the building. From the management dashboard, staff can also view and export daily reports and visitor analytics.

“FivePoint Check-In is not only a modern, efficient way for government agency administrators to streamline lobby management, it also gives the agencies a much-needed option to increase their social distancing efforts for the safety of everyone at their locations,” says Joel Darby, president of FivePoint Payments.

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Optional Add-Ons to FivePoint Check-In

A leader in custom, integrated payment solutions, FivePoint Payments provides optional add-ons to this new tool as well. Interactive call center automation can be integrated with FivePoint Check-In, allowing visitors without a smartphone to call into the IVR system to check in. Likewise, FivePoint Payment’s contactless payment kiosks offer check-in capabilities and integration with the FivePoint Check-In app for visitors who don’t have a phone.

“FivePoint Check-In is a natural addition to our array of technology-forward products and contactless payment solutions. Our customers told us that it was something they needed, and so we built it. We continue to listen closely to our customers and look forward to the further expansion of our offerings this year,” Darby says.

Interested in learning more about FivePoint Check-In? Read this and get started here.

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