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The FivePoint Team’s Favorite Apps and Tech Tools

The FivePoint team swapped notes about favorite apps, technology brands and tools used for personal and professional organization and growth…beyond FivePoint Payments’ own, of course! We asked our team:

1. What is your No. 1 go-to app on your smartphone?
2. What tech brand wouldn’t you be able to live without?
3. What’s your favorite or most-used technology for professional productivity?

Check out everyone’s fun responses below—and start downloading!

John Cartin, Head of Technology

1. Twitter. It’s like a vice I can’t kick. It’s crucial in my professional life—to the point where major technology launches happen on Twitter first. And I interact with a lot of my social circle there as well. I love it, and the constant need to check it drives me crazy… just like a bad habit!
2. for email. I’ve been in technology for a long time and I have several email addresses that I use for various purposes across both my personal and professional life. Up until a few weeks ago, I dreaded checking my email because it would require combing through what felt like mountains of useless information to get to something that mattered to me. Hey has freed me from email anxiety and allowed me to properly use it as a communications tool.
3. Microsoft OneNote. Over the years, I have trained myself to be a note taker. I journal daily on what I am working on, tasks that I need to do, reminders of things to revisit or take care of. This helps me keep organized and to be able to refer to work in the past whenever I need to.It’s gotten to the point that when I want to review something that happened in the past, OneNote is where I start.

Laken Sullivan, Project Manager

1. Headspace. I use the mindfulness app to meditate in the mornings and quite often I use it to fall asleep. It has a timer setting so it will turn itself off which is great. I also love that you can try out new audio without too much effort or searching.
2. Shift. Shift gives you the ability to view all of your email accounts on a single dashboard. I cannot imagine what I would do without it. I’m currently monitoring nine different accounts so it makes that process seamless. Joel got me hooked; I’m never looking back!
3. Zendesk. We use it to manage our customer support requests, and it’s become my best friend. One of the great parts about it is the ability to create and use “macros.” Macros are pre-typed responses for commonly asked questions, weblinks, phone numbers, etc. The amount of time that macros can save me in a day or week is pretty incredible.

Joel Darby, President

  1. Google Photos. Easily catalogs all of your photos so you can search by name, location, objects, a color in the photo, etc. It’s great when you’re looking for a photo you may have taken a few months (or years) ago and don’t want to aimlessly scroll through all your pictures. For example, you could search for “basketball” and it will narrow down to any photos that either have a basketball, say the word basketball, or look like they may have been on a basketball court. It’s pretty scary how accurate it is.

2. Apple. Hard to imagine going back to a PC after all these years on a Mac. I’m a sucker for all of their devices and usually the nerd that has to have the latest phone (although I’m proudly still on the X). Most underrated Apple product: Airpods. Most overrated: the Pencil.

3. Shift. I currently monitor 10 different email accounts and this gives me the ability to see all of them in one place without having to jump through multiple  browser windows or applications. I can search across all email accounts without having to look in each one individually to remember where I received or sent an email from.

Gordon Lucas, Head of Product

  1. Dexcom G6 App. This allows my phone and AppleWatch to continuously display my blood sugar without finger pricks. I am a type 1 diabetic and this has been a game changer for me. Unlike a blood glucose meter (BGM), which provides just a single glucose reading, CGM systems can provide real-time, dynamic glucose information every five minutes and proactively alert upcoming high or low blood sugars based on trend lines.

2. Apple. All my hardware/physical technology is Apple. I love that everything syncs and works well together… Macbook Pro, AirPods, AppleWatch, iPhone…you name it.

3. Microsoft Teams. It allows our entire organization to communicate and work together efficiently while in remote environments. Some of the things we use on a daily basis include chat or group chat, screen sharing, audio/video calls and file sharing. We could not function in the remote world without a tool like Microsoft Teams.

Ben Brawley, Application Support Team Lead

  1. Twitter. It’s a great way for me to keep up with my friends and different events I go to. It’s also a decent place to start with news since you can easily find all the different outlets along with videos and pictures from normal people who were there.

2. Probably the tech section of It’s where I keep up with all the new tech that’s coming out. Whether it be software/hardware/games anything tech related they tend to get pretty good articles on it.

3. Clippy is an application called that I could not live or work without. It takes regular technology tasks (making a comma delimited list or writing inserts for the database) that would typically take a few minutes and can reduce them down to seconds.

David New, Sales Manager

  1. Reddit. I enjoy following the personal finance forums.

2. Apple. Because it’s how I access Reddit! Of course, I do almost all of my work off of my smartphone as well.

3. Close.IO. This is a CRM I use for sales here at FivePoint. It keeps track of literally everything that I do and allows me to send out emails at a very rapid rate versus using my default Gmail account.

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