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FivePoint Accept: Innovative, No Contact Point-of-Sale Solution

FivePoint Payments has launched FivePoint Accept, a new and innovative point-of-sale solution for local government and state agencies. The device and software offer a more efficient, flexible and safer option for courts. Find out more about this hands-free payment solution below.

How is FivePoint Accept different from other point-of-sale solutions?

Safety: “Our new payment solution removes the necessity for court employees to handle a payer’s credit card. In the past, there was a need to key in credit card information, but that is no longer the case,” says Gordon Lucas,head of product at FivePoint Payments. A clerk can initiate a transaction from their computer, which then prompts the payer on the FivePoint Accept point-of-sale device. No credit card data is exchanged face-to-face during a transaction. Additionally, using EMV greatly prevents chargeback fraud. “It is a much more secure process,” adds Lucas.

Flexibility: It offers flexibility with credit card payment options, giving the payer the choice of paying via swipe, tap or EMV (chip). “This in turn gives the courts more options. Some courts do require EMV payments,” says  Lucas.

Features: In addition to accepting EMV cards (chip cards) and tap-to-pay enabled cards, FivePoint Accept also accepts Apple Pay and Google Play. The large, 4.3″ multimedia touchscreen device offers a clear display of all associated costs for customers and provides an easy-to-use electronic signature capture.

Integration: FivePoint Accept is an integrated point-of-sale solution. This means it can be integrated directly with a government agency’s existing case management system and software. Or, if you don’t have the capability to integrate, we can integrate it with FivePoint Payments’ Payment Portal Dashboard and you can leverage our portal’s capabilities.

Functionality: FivePoint Accept can handle dual transactions with a single swipe, tap or chip dip. “This is a big deal. Instead of the payer having to make two separate payments, they can pay for two transactions simultaneously. Once a payment has been made on the FivePoint Accept terminal, the transaction is posted in real time to both our reporting dashboard and to the court’s case management software via integration just like an online payment would,” explains Lucas. From there, a receipt is generated.

Cost: While it isn’t very common, there are some courts that prefer to absorb credit card processing costs. In those scenarios, the courts can save using FivePoint Accept because it is more cost-efficient to pay for processing through point of sale vs. online because there is a lower risk of fraud.

Interested in learning more about FivePoint Accept for your local government agency? Contact us here.


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