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How Can Court Administrators Benefit from Payment Kiosks?

The responsibility of technology management for courts and computer-assisted systems that can improve court performance often falls on court administrators shoulders. Payment kiosks, especially those with court check-in capabilities, are technology tools that can help streamline certain court processes, including accounting and lobby management, and make them more efficient. The following are a few ways court admins can benefit from kiosks.


Less Questions from Customers

The easy-to-navigate, simple user experience of a payment kiosk means that it will be a straightforward process for those using them to pay fees and fines at a court. FivePoint Kiosks feature an attractive look, clear messaging and call-to-action buttons on screen, and custom court colors/logo so that people can pay without any issue requiring the assistance of court administrators or staff. Additionally, our machines offer payment features such as partial payments, allowing for customer payment flexibility when needed.

24/7 Payment Collection

Using kiosks isn’t limited to office hours. When they are stationed in a public space or court building that allows after-hours access, payment kiosks will continue to accept payments no matter the time of day. Read: They work for you nonstop. What’s more, these hardware gems last for a long time and can handle high-traffic use.

Contactless Kiosks Provide a Technology Solution

As an efficient payment gateway, FivePoint’s contactless kiosks accept credit and debit cards, removing the need for more time-consuming and in-person, face-to-face payments. The benefits of contactless payments certainly include safety in pandemic times, but extend beyond that to offering a relevant hardware solution that saves court employees time and makes processes more efficient.

Plus, FivePoint Payments’ indoor and outdoor kiosks can also be utilized as check-in kiosks. Not only do they accept payments, they can be integrated with the court’s lobby management system, docket board and FPP’s court Check-In app that also allows for remote check-in via smartphone or IVR.

More Seamless Reporting

FivePoint builds custom kiosk software and hardware that is fully integrated with government agency software. Our kiosks all come with a helpful and simple-to-use management portal from where necessary court personnel can access reports. They are self-reporting machines, organizing the reporting process for court administrators and personnel.

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