Governments Should Expect More than Credit Card Processing from their Payments Provider

When it comes to using third-party technology providers, governments should be able to count on their payments provider for more than just credit card processing. However, many payment providers fall short of offering critical services like security compliance, legacy software and custom integrations, and ongoing tech support. Let’s take a look at what services your payment provider should be offering your government organization.

Credit Card Processing Should Be Simple

Your credit card payment processing provider has probably over-explained the benefits of their services at some point. Many credit card payment providers want you to believe that credit card processing is a long and arduous process that only a few elite are capable of handling. Yet the fact of the matter is that credit card processing is commoditized, and it doesn’t require revolutionary technology. We’ve been processing credit cards since the 1940s. If your payments provider still believes that credit card processing is a skilled and delicate matter, they might not have enough experience to process your payments. You should also expect custom integrations to your legacy software from your payment processing provider. This is a service that should be provided to every merchant and at no additional cost.

Security Is More Important Than Ever

When it comes to the most up-to-date security features, your processor’s experience matters now more than ever. Security is more important than it has ever been. Not only is your personal information important, but your customers’ information is equally important. You need to ensure that your policies and procedures regarding the handling of cards are both PCI and DSS-compliant. You should never need to worry about whether or not your organization is compliant or not — your credit card processor should be guiding you through this landscape.

Your Payment Partner Is an Extension of Your Team

When it comes down to it, your payment processor will become a valuable extension of your team at some point. Your IT department should be able to rely on your processor to allow your team to focus on more important projects. You should be counting on your credit card processing provider to handle some of these intricacies. Payment processing companies often require three to five-year contracts, expensive pricing and antiquated non-integrated hardware. Choosing a payment processor can sometimes feel as though you’re signing your life away instead of gaining a new member of your team.

Your processor should also have dedicated resources that are familiar with the legacy software you are using and have prior experience with API integration. Even after the contract is finalized, you can often feel as though you’re in a one-sided relationship. Where is your credit card processor now that you’ve signed everything over? Your processor shouldn’t disappear the moment you’re locked into a five-year contract. This is the point when your relationship should be at its strongest.

Seamless Payment Portals and Easy Management Systems Interfaces

At Five Points Payments, we don’t forget about you the moment your contract is signed. In fact, we won’t forget about you at all. We want your organization to run as smoothly as possible, which is why we have designed seamless payment portals and easy management systems interfaces for government organizations. We also remain at your side every step of the way to take some of the burden of payment processing off your plate — so you can get back to what’s really important.

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