Why Government Software Systems Should be Moved to the Cloud

Did you know that several government departments are still using legacy computer systems and old, outdated software from years and years ago? The Internal Revenue Service, for example, relies on a system that’s more than 55 years old — back before man even walked on the moon. It’s time for all government and court agencies, even small and medium ones, to move their software to the cloud, where they can benefit from enhanced security, scalability and cost savings.

1. Enhanced Security


With cloud-based software, you can safeguard important data in your organization and prevent hackers from accessing this information. Third-party tech partners will customize a security solution based on the individual needs of your department and incorporate features like authentication advancements — where only approved members of staff can access data — into your software package.

There are other security measures you can take to protect sensitive data, too. Sixty percent of small businesses, for example, use encryption to secure their cloud storage, while 58 and 53 percent use employee training and two-factor authentication, respectively. You can take similar precautions in your government department.

"[Cloud computing service providers] can easily afford all types of defensive measures like filtering, patch management, and cryptography techniques," says Cloud Tweaks. "It truly is in their best interests to protect your data and maintain you as a long-term customer."

2. Improved Scalability

Cloud computing provides you with lots of flexibility, so you can scale your software up or down according to your agency’s requirements. The end result? Cloud-based systems improve operational efficiency in your department. Your staff, for example, can automate manual tasks, increase or reduce storage needs and facilitate workflows. Plus, because your data is kept in a virtual location, you can access information from anywhere in the world. You can move almost any system to the cloud, such as traffic ticket payment software or integrated government payment processing tools.

You might be reluctant to move your software to the cloud. It’s best to keep everything in-house, right? No. A reputable third-party tech partner can build a cloud-based application for your agency that provides you with real value. Plenty of government departments have already migrated to the cloud. Microsoft Office 365, a cloud-based suite of productivity tools, even has a special edition of its software just for government departments. Amazon Web Services, on the other hand, provides cloud services that adhere to government data requirements.

3. Cost Savings

Cloud-based software systems provide small and medium government agencies and court departments with lots of cost savings. You only have to look to the private sector to see how moving to the cloud could save you money. Eighty-two percent of companies reportedly made savings by using cloud systems, and 25 percent saw a reduction in IT costs.

You can expect similar cost savings in the public sector, because with cloud systems, all of your data is kept off site, so you don’t need as much hardware. Consequently, you can maximize space in your department and benefit from reduced energy costs.

"Cloud solutions can also lead to a dramatic decrease in labor and maintenance costs," says Kyle Turco, writing for TechnologyAdvice. "As a result of the hardware being owned by vendors and stored in off-site locations, there is less demand for in-house IT staff."

In 2018, some government departments are still using computer systems and software that’s creaking at the seams. It doesn’t have to be this way. By moving your software to the cloud, you can enhance your security processes, improve scalability and save money.

About Joel Darby

Joel has over a decade of payment processing experience focusing almost exclusively on public sector integration. His expertise in the payments industry helps keep projects both fiscally responsible and PCI compliant.

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