5 Innovative GovTech Companies Disrupting the Status Quo

Here at FivePoint Payments, we live for innovation. We’re constantly looking for ways to provide better payment technology solutions for government agencies, and every year, we roll out new products and updates (like our recent FivePoint Accept). We can also fully appreciate govtech innovation beyond our walls (or home offices that we are in currently!). The more smart, technology-forward solutions government agencies use, the better the collective benefit for us all. The following highlights five innovative govtech companies that are disrupting the status quo.

  1. 120WaterAudit
    This company offers cloud-based water management software. Encouraging the digital transformation of the water industry, 120WaterAudit helps to refine and modernize your programs so that local government agencies can overcome challenges with less effort. Its program management platform is an all-in-one solution for managing drinking water programs at scale.
  2. Callyo
    Offering mobile law enforcement technology, this company creates simple, meaningful tools for law enforcement to combat crimes such as human trafficking and child exploitation. It aims to save law enforcement countless man hours and taxpayer expenses, increase prosecution rates and improve the well-being of investigators with solutions that respect the privacy of fellow citizens.
  3. OneConcern
    An artificial intelligence platform for disasters, OneConcern measures resilience and predicts the impact of disasters to communities. For government, it optimizes and prioritizes emergency management to mitigate, prepare and respond to disasters. In one platform, OneConcern combines physical science with the power of AI to process large amounts of unstructured data at different levels of resolution and quality, creating actionable insights that help humans make better, more informed decisions.
  4. Planet
    Planet uses space to help life on Earth, and promotes its “aerospace know-how meets Silicon Valley ingenuity.” From its spacecraft to its APIs, Planet engineers hardware and software to service the largest fleet of Earth-imaging satellites in orbit and scale its 7+ petabyte imagery archive, growing daily. Its govtech solutions help to improve protection of natural resources, infrastructure and people with high-frequency, global imagery products. It analyzes areas of interest, detect change, and derive timely insights that drive impactful decision-making.
  5. Remix
    This company’s platform empowers cities to plan the best possible transportation system, from public transit to safer streets to ever-increasing new modes of mobility. Its end goal is to enhance quality of life for their communities. Remix works with 325+ cities across four continents to visualize their data and transportation network all in one place, analyze the community cost and impact of their designs, and collaborate across team and with key stakeholders/the public.

Wow, feeling inspired yet? There are so many innovative govtech companies that can make a real impact on not only how government agencies themselves operate, but also the quality of life of the community at large.

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Image credit: Remix

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