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The Digital Transformation of Government Agencies

Government agencies are looking to create contactless environments for employees and visitors to their buildings as well as remote and contactless payment solutions. The pandemic this year has resulted in the digital transformation of government agencies without any signs of slowing down. Modern hardware, such as indoor and outdoor kiosks, and software solutions, such as FivePoint Payments’ payment portal and dashboard, are capable of encouraging a safe and efficient system for government agencies to collect payments and manage visitors. Here is an overview of some of these smart solutions below.

Custom Contactless Kiosk Payments

Kiosks are a modern, contactless hardware solution that engage customers and streamline processes at government agencies. Custom payment kiosks can fully integrate with government agencies’ software and systems, accepting both credit and debit cards. This helpful tool is made to be long-lasting and accommodate frequent daily use.

There are numerous benefits of incorporating government agency payment kiosks into your payment offerings. They provide courts wpayment kiosks for government agenciesith a 24/7 automated attendant that can help ease or remove congestion in the lobby area. This not only reduces wait time in the lobby (or outside the building), but also frees up staff to focus on more important tasks than collecting payments face-to-face. Kiosks also allow payees to make payments in after-hours locations, such as police stations and libraries.

Another great custom option is the kiosks’ document drop-off capability. Participants can drop off relevant court-related documents in a secure lock box. These documents might include community service hours, substance abuse evaluations, defensive driving school completion or anger management reviews, to name a few.

Payment kiosks are self-reporting machines that integrate seamlessly with existing government software and simplify case management by updating cases in real-time. FivePoint Payments offers an easy-to-use management dashboard where government agency personnel can easily look up cases, payments and more.

government agency technology 2020Remote Check-In & Queue Management

FivePoint Payments launched FivePoint Check-In in direct response to government agencies’ needs during the pandemic. Agencies, such as courts, needed a way to limit person-to-person contact and practice smart social distancing. Check-In allows visitors to use their mobile devices or kiosks to check in and notify agency staffers that they have arrived. Agency staff can easily manage the visitor queue from an online dashboard and send visitors text messages that they may enter the building. With a new custom feature, they can even do a video call within the kiosk. (Watch the video.) This one-of-a-kind tool supports essential social distancing safety measures for the wellbeing of employees and visitors alike.

A recent new feature offers government agencies the option of adding an integration with indoor and/or outdoor docket boards. Once visitors have checked in at a government agency through a kiosk or mobile device, their information will appear on indoor and outdoor monitor boards. This unique upgrade allows visitors to keep track of where they are in line and provides a helpful focal point for the agency’s staff.

While the Check-In solution was created and implemented during COVID-19, because of its efficiency and how it helps streamline visitors and workflow, it will stay relevant beyond the pandemic.

Online Dispute Resolution

Another way government agencies are transforming digitally is through the use of online dispute resolution (ODR) software. Through ODR, courts, for instance, can reduce case backlogs without having to review every case in person. Defendants can negotiate, mediate, arbitrate and resolve cases remotely. This technology potentially can cut the time it takes to find a resolution by about 50% and it also frees up court resources to focus on more complex cases. Another bonus to defendants is that it is a lower-cost alternative to in-person court or arbitration.

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