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Michigan Courts Are Leveraging Technology Post-Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, courts across the country began searching for solutions to meet the new social distancing requirements and necessary safety standards. Per an executive order to keep the public out of courthouses, John J. Kortes, information systems director at 16th Judicial Circuit Court, 42nd District Courts and Probate Court in Mount Clemens, Michigan, began looking for a technology solution to help the court staff and visitors stay safe and organized. In April 2020, he discovered FivePoint Payments and its brand-new FivePoint Check-In tool through another court that was using it in his area, and immediately made a move to get it integrated with their system.

A Highly Efficient Smart Lobby Management Tool for Court Buildings

Prior to the installation of this web-based application, the check-in process post-pandemic was anything but streamlined. “People would have to come to the front door, fill out a health assessment, give it to the security personnel who would contact the judge’s secretary or department to inform of an arrival. It was a clunky process and wasn’t working,” says Kortes, who manages the IT help desk providing support to all 15 judges in their 16th Judicial Circuit Court building as well as the judges at both 42nd District courts.

A simple tool that puts government agencies in control of when visitors are allowed to enter their buildings, Check-In offers an easy platform for visitors to check-in on their mobile device. The management queue gives administrators the ability to quickly communicate with visitors via text. When a visitor arrives at the court building, they simply scan a QR code on a sign outside of the entrance that prompts a short form to complete to let court administrators know of their arrival. Then, they can go back to their vehicle to await a notification that they may enter.  “It allows us to control who’s in the building and when they come in,” Kortes says.

FivePoint Check-In also offers an integration with an IVR system for visitors who do not have a smartphone and on kiosks, such as the desktop kiosks spread amongst Mount Clemens court buildings, for visitors who do not have a phone. “FivePoint just keeps adding features. It’s great!” Kortes notes.

Reporting Tool Offers Contract Tracing Capabilities for Government Agencies

One of the biggest selling points for Kortes when considering the technology was the reporting feature that FivePoint Check-In software provides. “In light of COVID-19, we needed the ability to be able to do contract tracing should someone be positive in our building. Check-In gives us the ability to run a report to find out who was in the building on a certain date and time. This was paramount for us,” Kortes says. A recent feature upgrade allows the court IT team to run reports on their own, further streamlining the process.

An Exemplary Customer Service Experience Prompts More Referrals

“FivePoint has far exceeded any expectation I could have ever have had,” Kortes says.

“The interaction with the FivePoint team is just incredible. I’ll call to have something added or removed, and within a day or two, it is done. Other than the reporting and system being important in and of itself, the customer service is irreplaceable.”

Now a champion of the FivePoint Payments and because he was one of the first to implement FivePoint Check-In in Michigan, Kortes is being approached by other Michigan courts for his feedback about the technology. “I tell my colleagues that I don’t work for FivePoint because it sounds like I do! I have nothing but good things to say about them,” Kortes says.

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