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What Is the Best Contactless Check-In App?

A contactless check-in app or check-in “tool” is often used interchangeably. Both app and tool are referring to the process of checking in remotely or by mobile device. In some cases, you may need to download an app from an app store to use it on your mobile device; in other cases, you’ll just scan a QR code or get a link to an online form to tell the government agency that you have arrived. It is essentially the idea of allowing a visitor to check in without any material or physical contact with government agency employees who are then notified of the arrival and can manage the queue and communicate with visitors from an online dashboard.

Why has contactless check-in technology become essential?

It used to be normal for a human receptionist to personally welcome visitors and help check them in from the lobby of a government agency building. In 2020, a lot changed and government agencies such as courts needed contactless technology solutions to do business, at first by mandate. The now-essential technology keeps visitors and employees safely social distanced and allows government agency administrators to manage the number of people inside a room or building at one time. Eliminating unnecessary human contact in the lobby can go a long way toward reducing the spread of viruses of all kinds and making people feel more comfortable as they check in.

What happened over the course of 2020 with this technology was quite remarkable. While the contactless solution may have been born out of a pandemic need, the secondary outcome was that it made government agency processes more efficient, more private and modernized the entire check-in system. Simply put, there’s no going back.

What to look for in a contactless check-in app

FivePoint Payments created FivePoint Check-In, a web-based application, to better serve our customers last year. Alone and in conjunction with our kiosks, including outdoor kiosks, it has become one of our most popular products. Visitors may check in quickly with three easy steps via their phone after scanning a QR code or they may check in via kiosk, both of which integrate with a government agency’s existing system. Our management queue software gives government agencies and court administrators an easy platform to quickly communicate with visitors via text and offers the ability to truly promote social distancing. You can retrieve and export reports, analytics and customer data from here as well.

One of our add-on features for our “smart” kiosks is that they now allow agency employees to video conference with a visitor through the kiosk screen as well. Another great add-on feature is integration with a docket board. FivePoint Check-In can also be integrated with an IVR system (for visitors who do not have a smartphone).

No matter what contactless check-in app you choose, it’s important that your service provider has stellar customer service to work with your IT team to fully and seamlessly integrate this technology and be available on an ongoing basis as needs or questions arise.

Watch the video about FivePoint Check-In below to see how it works in a nutshell.

Find out more about FivePoint Check-In including pricing here.

Read a case study of how Michigan courts are leveraging this tool.

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