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How COVID-19 Will Change Credit Card Payment Processing For Good

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way people operate. From working at home to buying groceries online, socializing over Zoom or in a lawn—6-feet apart—as well as banking and making payments online. While some people had already embraced the digital landscape, others, such as senior citizens, may have discovered digital options for the first time.

As the pandemic continues, what are the long-term effects of these shifts on the payment-sphere? One thing is for sure, COVID-19 will change credit card payment processing for good. Here’s how.

Contactless Payments

Contactless payments has become an expectation of the consumer. When you have to hand over your credit card to make a payment, someone else’s hands touching your card feels wrong now. And immediate sanitizer ensues. Consumers expect to be able to insert their card’s chip, swipe or tap without a card exchange. They don’t want to touch a keypad.

FivePoint Payments has been ahead of the curve in this regard. Our credit card processing machines and technology for government agencies embrace contactless payments. For example, the FivePoint Accept terminal reduces contact with customers’ cards and lowers the risk of spreading germs by offering Apple Pay, Google Pay and NFC (Near Field Communication) / chip-based payments.

No More Cash Exchange

Cash? What’s cash?! Customers simply aren’t carrying much of it, if any, around these days. After all, you can’t hand cash to your computer screen when making a payment. Even tips are being taken via Venmo, PayPal or are incorporated into online purchases, such as the checkout of Amazon Prime or Instacart grocery shopping.

At FivePoint, we’ve created user-friendly online payment software for government agencies to collect payments and fees from their constituents without a cash exchange. People can easily go online and find a clean, modern payment portal that offers clear, step-by-step guidance on how to make a payment. After making a credit card payment via smart device or computer, a receipt can be emailed and downloaded.

More Use of Payment Kiosks

When given the opportunity, people are choosing kiosks over As an efficient payment gateway, payment kiosks accept credit and debit cards, and can remove the need for  face-to-face payments. While payment kiosks may require the consumer to touch their screens to process a payment, they are a highly effective way to practice social distancing.

FivePoint recommends government agencies use payment kiosks with signage reminding constituents to stay 6 feet away from one another as well as provide a nearby hand-sanitizing machine. Our machines fully integrate with government agency software. They also accept contactless document drop-offs.

Interested in social distancing solutions for your government agency? Find out about the new FivePoint Check-In, a smart lobby management tool to safely manage visitors arriving at an agency building.

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