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Customer Success: Cobb County

A fresh payments approach in Cobb Superior Court reduces overhead, cost and frustration while increasing security and customer service.

Noel Jacques, chief technology officer at the Cobb Superior Court Clerk’s Office, was in the market for a modern payment solution when he bumped into CEO of FivePoint Payments Joel Darby at a technology conference in Atlanta. Frustrated by the court’s existing inefficient and outdated credit card payment system, Jacques’ interest was piqued when speaking of FivePoint’s innovative and cutting-edge software products. In late 2019, he engaged with the technology-savvy credit card processor and its integrated Payment Portal, and has seen a significant impact on day-to-day operations.

Integrated Updates Streamline and Modernize the Court’s Payment Processing

The most significant impact FivePoint has had on Cobb Superior Court Clerk’s Office is that it has saved the small IT staff a lot of time battling an outdated system. “We are one office in a whole county. The new system has reduced our overhead in having to manually update work stations and fix updates for all users whenever there is a software update,” says Jacques.

With FivePoint’s Payment Portal, there is no software to maintain or deploy, which makes it easy on the internal team. “Any software I don’t have to deploy means it’s software I don’t have to secure,” explains Jacques.

He adds, “Every time the court’s previous payment provider released a software update, it immediately would create a problem for us in deploying that software to all of the stations that need it and making sure they were updated. It created a significant overhead of IT staff to manage that.”

Secure and PCI Compliant System

Cyber security threats abound, the court is always looking for ways to tighten up security. Unlike other credit card processors, FivePoint Payments takes on PCI compliance security measures as part of its customer offerings. It’s something Cobb Superior Court no longer has to concern themselves with.

“In the past, there was more burden on us to stay compliant. We were having to purchase a lot of specialized hardware at a significant cost, and if anything fell out of sync, we would fall out of compliance. So, the way FivePoint processes payments takes the liability off of our shoulders, and allows us to simplify our hardware deployment,” Jacques explains. “It has reduced costs for our office.”

Low Convenience Fees Don’t Burden the Customer

Another one of Jacques’ key considerations in hiring FivePoint Payments for credit card processing was convenience fees. “Some credit card companies charge outrageously high fees,” he says. “We try to keep those to a minimum with our customers, and FivePoint has very reasonable fees.”

Highly Responsive Customer Service Team

FivePoint’s customer service has impressed the Cobb court’s technology team and makes all the difference in continued engagement. Jacques notes, “Anyone can sell you a product. It’s the follow up after you’ve already bought in that matters. Our previous payment provider fell down on the job as far as providing service and getting responses back were concerned. FivePoint is very responsive to customer requests. They jump right on it and make changes in a short amount of time. If we have any processing issues, they fix them quickly.” 

The future of payment processing looks bright at the Cobb Superior Court Clerk’s Office. Jacques says he is looking forward to integrating more of FivePoint Payments’ products later this year. From online payment portals to in-person kiosks, all of Five Point’s software and hardware offer the same clean, modern look, so he’s confident that future additions will be just as user-friendly for both the court’s team and customers alike.


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