Management Portal

Centralized Payments Management

Our intuitive and beautifully designed Management Portal provides government agencies and their employees with all the tools they need to efficiently accept and manage payments from citizens.

Everything At a Glance

Everything At a Glance

A centralized dashboard provides easy real-time oversight into all payment activity in your agency.

Anywhere, Anytime

With cloud-based remote access, managers can securely access financial data and reporting from any device.

Robust Reporting

Easily reconcile across platforms and audit activity like credit card and e-check settlements or daily deposits.

Discrepancy Resolution

Quickly identify and resolve discrepancies as they occur and eliminate time consuming manual corrections.

Robust Reporting
Tailored User Permissions

Tailored User Permissions

Easily control what functions staff and management can access with fully customizable user permissioning.

User Tracking & Monitoring

Track, monitor, and audit what functions and actions have been performed by users across platforms.

Automated Reconciliation

Easy & Fast Record Locator

Robust Data Export Features

Void & Refund Capabilities

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Our software offerings focus on delivering solutions to state and local agencies; primarily courts and law enforcement with an emphasis on custom integration and user experience.


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Corporate Headquarters
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