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FivePoint Payments partners with case management software companies. We provide specialty services backed by an experienced team so you can focus on your core business. Bonus: You retain all of your revenue.

What We Take Off Your Plate

Payment Processing

We understand what a thorn in the side payment processing can be for businesses that do not do it fulltime. FivePoint Payments handles this time-consuming and distracting service for you. We provide custom card swipers and easy-to-use, modern online payment portals complete with your logo and company colors. Our attractive, white-labeled products ensure your brand recognition and increase customer satisfaction.

PCI Compliance

It’s a beast to keep up with staying compliant. But it’s what we do, and we’re great at it. FivePoint Payments maintains PCI compliance for your company, safeguarding your business from any regulatory issues while removing this laborious task from your to-do list.

High Fees

There’s no need to use high-cost online payments systems, such as PayPal, when you have us. Instead of charging you an arm and a leg, our fees are significantly lower and your company retains all of its revenue.

Why Partners Love Us

Together, the JAG and FivePoint teams have built a solid working relationship. The single greatest benefit of working with FivePoint is their dependability. You can always count on them to perform professionally and, if needed, respond quickly to any request. JAG has benefited from FivePoint's user-friendly platform, which our customers use for online payments. It is seamlessly integrated with our software system.

Tim Donovan, Co-Owner at JAG Probation

Partner Success Stories

Find out what our strategic partners have to say about working with FivePoint Payments.

Strategic Partner: MicroPact

Taking payment processing and audits off of MicroPact’s local courts division’s plate is an efficiency game-changer for its internal team.

FivePoint’s customer support takes care of our needs without burdening us with all of the details of what goes into all that.
Lynn Griffies, Director of Operations

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FivePoint Payments simplifies and modernizes the process of paying government agency fees and fines, making it more efficient for both the payee and the payer. We do this through innovative software applications and hardware solutions that can be integrated with government agencies’ current systems.


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