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We don’t just talk the talk—we walk the walk. Our highly trained and dedicated team has been providing payment processing solutions to local and county governments for almost two decades.

FivePoint Services

We deliver the following solutions for government agencies:

  • Traffic Citations
  • Parking Tickets
  • eFile
  • Diversion
  • Bail Bonds
  • Probation
  • Child Support
  • Drug Court
  • DUI Court
  • Court Fines and Fees
  • Property Tax
  • Hospitality Tax
  • Licensing
  • Permits
  • Land Records
  • Tag Renewals
  • Bulk Civil E-Filing


Create a more efficient courtroom with our secure and mobile-friendly payment technology. See a drastic reduction in call volume, face-to-face customer interactions and unnecessary duplicate data entry.


Probation officers find more time to focus on mission-critical tasks with FivePoint's automated payment functions, such as accepting supervision, pre-trial, restitution and other court fines and fees.


Our mobile-friendly, cloud-based interface seamlessly ties into virtually any existing utility management system, saving thousands in ongoing development, maintenance, upgrade and compliance costs.

Cash Bonds

Holding detainees for any length of time is costly for jails everywhere. Our solutions help expedite this complicated process by allowing for simple online and mobile-friendly cash-bond payments to your court from anywhere in the world.

Bulk Civil E-Filing

FivePoint's bulk e-filing solution streamlines your department's processes. Automate your entire civil e-filing process to drastically reduce the turnaround time for a user to receive court-accepted documents for servicing their clients.

Custom Integrations

FivePoint Payments offers a truly custom integration with any existing government software stack. As a boutique and nimble technology and payment processing company, we have the unique ability to write code that is specifically tailored to match your government agency’s existing software at a fraction of the cost of the bigger players with larger overhead. This creates eGovernment efficiency and makes the payment process more fluid and less time-consuming for our clients.

Don’t see what you need? Just ask! Our agile development team can build it from scratch. Did we mention there’s no cost to do so?


FivePoint Payments simplifies and modernizes the process of paying government agency fees and fines, making it more efficient for both the payee and the payer. We do this through innovative software applications and hardware solutions that can be integrated with government agencies’ current systems.


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