Government Software Applications

The goal of our modern payment processing software is to simplify your everyday responsibilities involving the collection and recording of payments. Our fully customizable and secure, cloud-based payment software talks to your government agency’s existing software, meaning an overhaul of the current case management system isn’t necessary. Here’s an overview of our awesome features below.

Distraction Free Interface

User-Facing Payment Portal

This is the simple website page the public interacts with.

Quick and Easy Pay

With its clean look and step-by-step guidance, users easily navigate their way to satisfying outstanding balances on the payment portal. Receipts can be emailed and downloaded.

Payment Flexibility

Payments can be made on any mobile device, a computer or via phone. Users can opt for partial payments, a payment plan or paying multiple fines or fees at one time if needed. Ticket not available for payment yet? Easily set up a text reminder.

Payment Flexibility
White Labeled Payment Pages

Custom Look

From traffic tickets and court fines to utilities and cash bonds, each payment portal is customized with your government agency’s logo and colors.

Support Center

Should a question come up at any point during the payment process, our dedicated customer service is here to help answer it.

Easily Accept Major Credit Cards

Same Day Fund Settlements

Transparent No-Cost Solution

Chargeback Resolution Center

Everything At a Glance

Management Dashboard

This is the intuitive dashboard you use to track and record payments.

Real-Time Reports

Our centralized dashboard provides in-the-moment insights into all payment activity within your agency. Easily reconcile across platforms and audit activity such as credit card settlements or daily deposits.

Discrepancy Resolution

No more manual corrections! Quickly identify and resolve any discrepancies as they happen.

Robust Reporting
Tailored User Permissions

Remote Access

Managers can securely log into the dashboard from anywhere, anytime. With cloud-based access, viewing and reporting payments is possible from any device.

Control Permissions

It’s simple to restrict or broaden permissions for what staff can see and do within the management dashboard. Also, monitor and audit their payment actions.

No Compliance Costs

Our software is fully managed and PCI/DSS compliant so your government agency will avoid costly annual compliance and upgrade fees.

Automated Reconciliation

Easy & Fast Record Locator

Robust Data Export Features

Void & Refund Capabilities


FivePoint Payments simplifies and modernizes the process of paying government agency fees and fines, making it more efficient for both the payee and the payer. We do this through innovative software applications and hardware solutions that can be integrated with government agencies’ current systems.


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